Welcome to the Laurentian Voyageur Racing Team.

We’re a group of Laurentian University Engineering students who make up the members of the SAE Club participating in the Mini Baja competitions. Our club began in 2011 and we’ve participated in two of the competitions to date. Last year we travelled down to compete in Peoria, Illinois against over one hundred other schools and after reviewing the results, we placed our best in the Rock Crawl event with a standing of 47th.

Determined to improve our performance at the next competition, we are looking to utilize a new strategy. Considering we are starting from scratch with a brand new frame, our team is preparing to compete in the 2016 events instead of 2015, using the extra time to properly design and test the new buggy. Hopefully by using this tactic we can ensure we have enough time to be fully prepared to challenge the competition!

If you or your company are interested in sponsoring us towards this goal, we encourage you to check out our Sponsor Us page and see the benefits we can offer your company.

Click below to check out the photos from our club!

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