What is SAE?


SAE International, formerly known as Society of Automotive Engineers, is a professional standards association. As a way of encouraging students, they host a series of extreme engineering competitions which take place across the globe. These challenges take the form of:



This project asks students to design, develop and construct a single person fuel efficient vehicle powered by a small four cylinder engine. These vehicles will then run a specified course to try and obtain the highest Kilometers per Litre. The engines are all universally donated by Briggs & Stratton.



This event has students attempting to develop machines capable of flight in order to complete tasks set in a variety of missions. Broken up into several classes, this project aims to help students develop the real life skills necessary to deal with the kinds of situations encountered in engineering.



This event allows students to tinker with any four stroke engine in order to develop a small formula style racing car. The prototype car is then to be evaluated as a possible production item, giving students the opportunity to work on marketing techniques and develop the best possible vehicle that could realistically become an actual product.

Clean Snowmobile


This challenge requires students to modify an existing snowmobile to reduce noise and emissions. These snowmobiles then compete in a variety of challenges to test emissions, noise, economy, endurance, acceleration, handling, static display and cold start. The goal is to try and develop a snowmobile that could be used in National Parks or other pristine areas without any risk to the environment.

Mini Baja


Check out the What is Baja? page for details!